Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink

Originally uploaded by stargazer95050.

I admit, I am just loving all the San Fransisco pics I am finding lately, as you can see :-). Did you know that this city is the most wonderful city in the entire world? I know, some will say that Florence, or Paris is… but I must disagree LOL.
My mom says I am nuts to want to go back there, that it will all end in the sea soon. I told her that I will be there, on my deck looking out over the ocean, drinking my coffee and laughing all the way down!
So, maybe I am a bit nuts, but this is my home and I love it very much.
This photograph was done really well, I love the way the sunlight makes the city sing with colors. * and I can practically smell Ghirardelli’s right now……………………


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. stargazer95050
    Dec 15, 2006 @ 23:10:50

    I see this as a compliment that you like my picture so much that you use it.
    I’m not going to start a fight about copyright — it just would have been nice to receive an email to let me know and ask if I object.
    Which I usually don’t do …
    And other bloggers did ask me beforehand …



  2. kystorms
    Dec 16, 2006 @ 00:37:35

    dear stargazer95050
    I have sent you a email concerning the fact that this photo had a blog this button , with no mention of needing permission to do so mentioned. I also made sure that copyright was done ( actually when one blogs a pic from flickr, it is automatic that copyright is done, I see that it is viewable from the pic page here. I also have a non profit blog, so no money is made from this blog.
    I have always strived to make sure to follow the rules, and I had assumed that the blog this button was there so others could blog the photo.
    If you wish this photo to be removed, please let me know and I will do so. I simply wanted to let people know about your photos and others, and the talent I see there at flickr.


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