What is happening to the Mothers of this world???

Just when I think I have convinced myself that for just today, I can rest easy and not have to deal with deaths of any nature, or occurrences that 20 years ago were only in some terrible horror movie, I find myself having to face this.

The title of the CNN on-line piece – “Mom charged with baby’s microwave death”. Yes,I had to read it, because even though in the last few months, these types of leads have become common to read, I just could not believe it was serious; I really could not.

Sad, it is true. The mother has been charged , and even worse…. this is not the first time a mother has done this. The article mentions another person doing this, while suffering from epilepsy.

What I want to know is, what is different in our world today? What has happened to us, to make us do these things? 100 years ago, I am confident these behaviors were not common, if I am wrong let me know.

Is it the air, the water? What have we done to ourselves? War is common place, death is common place, and we don’t even shrink from murders played in movies for our entertainment! Am I the only one who thinks that this is all to outer limits? There is no polly anna place here on this planet anymore. Gone are the days when a child could honestly believe in Santa Claus, or play safely in thier yards. Instead they have this world to live in, no longer to be innocent children.

It frightens me beyond belief to know that we are all capable of anything now, nothing it seems is off-limits, unheard of. Where do we go from here? I know I won’t sleep well tonight, and it wont be the first time , nor the last. I don’t like this world very much, and wish with all my heart that I had not been allowed the pain of being born in a time when things like this are even conceivable to the human heart and mind.

I pray to God that this all ends soon, that this nightmare called life is changed to what it used to be; yup just call me a wannabe pollyanna.



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  1. russ
    Dec 14, 2006 @ 12:50:04

    Hi Ky! Your profile said you are a mommy in K’Y(Im 47
    live in santa rosa and my best bud lives in his beachousein
    in la selva beach(15 min from watsonville.He used to be4
    a brutally cynical kid, but sobriety has cured him. I, however
    feel compelled to point out you have 2 Friggin MICROWAVE
    ADS under your header which I’m sure is not your choice
    but nonetheless makes my putrid list of all time tackyfloggable
    ironies thus somewhat diluting your righteous fire. I am
    not high or illiterite but that damn side bar is covering
    your responsed box. Flog the site operators..Maybe I’ll
    keep going..you seem safely naive of Mankind’s limitless
    ways of inflicting agony on the just and the unjust,,
    I have always been fascinated by biblical STONING..throwing
    rocks at you for nine innings or until the reliever steps
    in..i understand crucifixtion, if done properly with the
    legs broken , suffocates a person, or Son of Mankind,
    et al.But the most ingenius and sadly, PITTIED group of
    killers might be mothers driven to extremes from post
    partum depression, an oxymoron for sure. What the hell
    could be depressing about losing theburden of crushed
    organs,back pains, hormonal tides, and the supernatural
    and quite feral wartime body status that women alone are
    transformed by in the deadly serious biz of reproduction
    ?I’ll go out with this kicker: Some while ago I was outraged
    over more examples of the trash that litter out streets,
    Some nameless asshole had microwaved his ex’s
    kitty to express his unhappiness with the divorce.
    I’m a strightfool for animals and seethed over his just deserts.
    So I wrote a revenge story that has to be the first to use
    the device as a murder weapon. I’ll have his car bumped
    by a limo on a lonely mountain road(santa cruz?)which
    is owned by the wifes girlfriend who is stupid rich from cosm
    a cosmetics company she owns..he’ll come to groggily in
    in a office sized room with a dead-very dead potted plant
    coffee table, magazines( I’ll have some fun with gourmet
    cooking magazines.. maybe a hannibal lector book..
    andf a unpopped bag of microwave popcorn. All his metal jewlry
    will be off and he’ll hear female tittering thru a speaker.
    there is a screen of sort over the door..the idea is
    to get the reader here without letting them know he’s
    in a LARGE microoven..I have to keep him aliveuntil
    the corn goes off.Sadly, the raw data on this appliance
    abuse is woefully lacking.Killing a lkitty is unforgivable
    but what this Bitch did is so fukincruel I could easily
    subscribe it as a fair and just reward..The 2 women out here
    in xharles manson land who bathtubbed her three kids
    and one who tossed her three infants into the bay..I
    could EASILY torture with equal treatment while inquiring
    courteously as to their alleged mental incapacity:”oops clumsy me

    DON’T you feel sometimes, increasingly so, that this cursed
    rock was set up because God lost a bet with the other
    Gods that the 2 legged animals here
    would NEVER EVER
    evolve beyond the savageness of the 4 legged ones?
    Once murder is eliminated as an option**attention asshole in whitehouse


  2. kystorms
    Dec 14, 2006 @ 14:45:03

    hmmm, i dont know where you see ads of anykind? can you be more clear about where they are? I should not have any ads here at all, and if i do, well…… dont know where they have come from.
    AND NO, i dont feel god lost a bet, i simply believe that we are not acting like we could act, and i simply cant understand why the pain of life makes a mom or dad do these things. i blame my government, and the world at large in a huge sense, we have made life no fun to live. its all about what you have, or dont have, and how to get what you want.
    i want to live, to experience, to have love and life. and i will have it via God and his way of living. i pray for everyone, that they will have what will make them feel better. i know pain, and i know how it makes one feel so alone.
    thanks for commenting, and i will try to see what you are talking about with the ad business.


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