Techno music – soothes the sad soul ~ makes the heart glad

Have you ever heard of LSD, Slinky Wizard, or Feeling Weird by the Infinity Project? What I am listening to right now, is uplifting. LSD is from Hallucinogen, and has to be my favorite of all. This is music thAT makes my heart come back into a life filled rhythm. Another fav of mine is Animal Resonance, by Tb Factor, simply awesome.

I normally listen to more mellow music, because sometimes when I am in a tiff, that is how I bring myself back into focus. I had thought that listening to Techno and the like was somehow making me behave or think worse. Well today, after having been made to see that something I had done in good faith had turned on me, and not brought the resolution I had though it would, I put these tracks on and listened. It made me feel better, not evil!

I tell you, I imagine being on Highway 1 going south, in the middle of the night, the moon shining on the water on my right , LSD beating into my soul while I move at 100 miles an hour, yes that is a satisfying daydream indeed. I sometimes can actually feel my daydreams as if they are really happening, like physically. Weird huh?

Anyway, if you have one of the music download services, give the music I mentioned a try. First listen to LSD, give it a few times through, I promise you will love it. It is the best daydream * and driving* music ever 🙂

I have a pic in mind for this post, and as soon as I can find it, I will post it, until later peeps,play nice, give love, be happy…..


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