San Francisco at Night

San Francisco at Night

Originally uploaded by mistca.

I wanna be back in my city by the bay…………
so grand to see at night, no other city in the world compares with my city.


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  1. imperfectme
    Nov 22, 2006 @ 17:00:49

    I beg to differ – that is MY city by the bay. We were recently there (ok recently is a few months ago) and I must say each and ever moment was a delight.

    It is the place the Scarecrow and I want to end up in and live out the rest of our existence. We travel there yearly, and spend time doing the same thing we did the year before. It never gets old.

    The city by the bay – big enough for you..and me 🙂


  2. kystorms
    Nov 22, 2006 @ 17:22:39

    HI there 🙂

    yes, this most wonderful city is big enough for us all, well… no just us ok? 🙂
    I am so heartsick over being away ( its been since 1994 ) but I will get home one day, soon. There is no more beautiful and peaceful place than Northern CA.
    Thanks for dropping by and leaving a note, it makes me feel I am gaining friends, and that is the best thing ever.


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