Some more prime CA land

One of my hobbies if you will, is to look at property back in the Bay area of San Fransico, California. And I have a favorite website to use, it is Amber Floodman Grewers website. Today, while searching through my favorites lists that one can set up at Ambers site, I found yet another piece of awesome property.

This is for 32 acres of forested land, Hillsides and canyons. There is a creek and the info says great for horses. What is most interesting is two things, one the price, 525,000 for a 4 bedroom 3 bath with all this acreage to boot. The other interesting thing is the offer for buy, the seller will finance this at 6.75 percent with a minimum of 50,000 down cash.

I make it a point to know the prices of certain areas around the San Jose – Santa Cruz area. This is completely amazing for price on a home, let alone for all this land! Its right near Anderson Lake, not a big commute to San Jose either! I think that I will make it a practice ofposting these properties as I find them, and I sure hope someone gets this.

I would give my right kidney to get into this land 😦 Here is the MLS-   656752, go to the website and check this out. Her site even has Google earth so you can map this and all her properties.


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