My rose, my spiderweb and my drops….

My rose, my spiderweb and my drops….

Originally uploaded by tollen.
Tonight, I almost blew it ( no, I did blow it) I got mad at someone who was accusing me of something I never did, and when they said this stuff, I reacted and said something I know I should not have. I want to say I could not help it, but truth is, I could have. It was not planned to say it, but I have been attacked for so much lately, that the words came out so fast. A worthless display of protection, that I should have never resorted to. I know better, I should have just let this person say what ever he wanted and let it go, but I reacted with my carnal mind and boom, said something mean back.
So that is one of the things I have to repent for tonight, when it is just me and the Lord. But thank God he knows two things about me, one I am trying and two I am HUMAN.
I want to say what I am thankful for today, so I never forget to whom I owe everything, God.
Look at this photo, accidental? No, cant be. And who wants to argue anyway, I believe this beauty is from God, but as long as you see the beauty in this, that is the first step to becoming better people.
I thank you Lord for this picture to remind me of what is really important, I thank you for my kids. I ask you to be with my parents, my husband and all my children.
I thank you Lord, for my life and for loving me.

And, just one little note about my blog, I am very happy to have read that my blog was number 43 on the wordpress growing blogs list! This makes me know that maybe I do have some talent in me after all, so I thank everyone who comes here and reads.

God Bless everyone who comes here, and every one every where.


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