Yahoo, I have not forgotten about you :-)

Today, I am going to get my resume together, and send off to Yahoo. I have all hope that this will be a transition in my life, that is about to open a door to the best part of my life.

I would love to hear from those who work there now, hear what they think about the company from the insider point of view, I already know what I think about them from my side of the computer 🙂

I can’t imagine a better place to work, have you seen the offices? It to me, just shouts welcome and that is the type of place I want to work at. I love the Internet, I think of all mans inventions, this is the best. Going to the moon, cool. My Dad worked on the Space program during the Apollo age, at Grumman and I know how important that is, but I am forever terrestrial, so to me the ‘net is the invention of mans entire span on Earth.

Think about it for  a second, obviously if one is looking for information the Internet cant be beat. But, if one is far from home one can still see home all the time. If one is seeking comfort from others, that can be found in seconds as well. If one simply needs to change their lives, now thanks to the Internet; that can happen as well.

The Internet has made life changing possibilities for almost every human who is on it. I think that the Internet should be mandatory for every human on the planet. If you are stuck in a seemingly impossible situation, without the information and human connection of the Internet, you are truly stuck. If you are on the Internet, you suddenly have multitudes of possibilities to operate out of your situation! The only thing one needs is perseverance coupled with a well-oiled search  ( such as yahoo) and soon you have your answers. Sometimes, you get answers you did not expect and may not like, but answers will always be forthcoming.

So, go ahead and take my cable television, because i dont like watching the crude that it on it anyway( except for CNN and HGTV of course 🙂 but do not ever try to take away my freedom of knowledge I obtain via the net!


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