This is the day the Lord has made, rejoice!

Last night , while I was reading my bible * was in the book of Habakkuk and Micah * I begin to see something. I might be wrong here, but I do not think I am.

I am waiting for my bus.

What I mean is, the Lord is not wanting me to sit here, while I am waiting for my bus, to who knows where; to wait with anger, depression, and other negative moods and emotions. He wants me to have the peace of knowing I am simply waiting. And like when we are waiting for the bus, or in a line at the store; situations come along that bring us to a place where we can either lose control of our Patience or we can grasp to our life line firmly, realizing that these situations *and people* that cause us to fall prey to bad emotions are but momentary. To lose my faith by giving into negative emotions is going to cause my wait to be longer, which is what I don’t want.

I do not think I did my thoughts justice here in writing, they make far more sense to me when I am thinking of them. I just know that I can not take out on others what ever is hurting me, because they are no more in control of how they behave then I am, but I am working on it. I will work on just waiting on the Lord, with all the patience He will give me. And I am going to do so with a smile 🙂

Instead of being angry at someone for hurting me, I need to sit back, think about how they have lived. Then I can realize how hurt, confused and alone they are too. How can you be angry at someone when they have been so without God, just like I have been until recently? I am here to show Gods love to others, not by forced speaking of scripture, nor by good works, but by love. Love means to understand that others are in pain like I am. I wont leave this person, if he leaves that is up to God, but I will be here no matter what. Because I do truly love him, no matter what.

God has not forgotten me, its simply not the right time, yet.

Habakkuk 3:19 – Psalm 118:24 “This is the day the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it.”


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