Rudy for President in 2008!

Offical Photo Rudy Giuliani

Let me say right off the bat, that if Rudy G runs for President ( as it seems he will now yeah!!!) I will do anything and everything I can to help. This man is to me, what a president should be. I went to his official Draft website for his candidacy  and I highly suggest all Americans do the same.
All I have to do is recall in my minds eye how he acted on 9/11, how he took hold of a terrible situation and did what ever he could ( which to me was alot)  to get everyone calm, and things into a manageable place. I can not even for the life of me think of how he was able to stay calm! I registered for doing what ever I can to help his campaign, and I think this may be one of the most exciting things I will do 🙂

So, look for more detailed information on his campaign here soon.


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