thank you

thank you

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Ilove the caption this person made for this photo:
“without friends, just where would you be? I hope to never find out.”
I have had a few close friends in my past, and even though I have no idea where they are now, Rosemary, I miss you bunches, and Marilyn, big hugs to you.
As you can see, my mood has improved slightly. I still need to constantly plead my case to God, but well I am not wishing for an end to this. I wonder how others face their trials? Do you believe God will answer your prayers, when it is so dark all around you? When you have no one to talk to about your problems?

I wish someone would put thier ” I made it story” here, for the sake of others like myself, so we can say ok, got to hold on, He is faithful and will come to my aid”.

The recent story about the woman in South America who was shot 6 times in the head without any serious problems other than needing the bullets removed, is to me; a miracle,  I want to read more stories like this, do you know where they can be found? Feel free to post either your personal story or one you can put to a news report.

If it is faith we lean on God, then our faith needs building up with concrete information. It is very hard to know He is listening, if you have never had that real and personal relationship with him. My mother, she knew god from when she was a child, just knew in her heart he was real and her protector. This is faith that is unshakable.

I cheated myself out of that kind of faith, when I was younger. Now this I regret more than all most everything else in my life, that I can not h ave that for sure faith. I get the circle idea of Gods love though, I think. Jesus died for my sins, so if I accept that, then I am clean before God, and under his protection.

Maybe its just my lack of persistent patience that is my undoing. However , I know He is around me, or my lights would have been turned out. So fragile is faith, I hope God understands that I am very weak now.

Again, I ask for him to come and talk with me, just once . I see where it says that he who believes and has not seen is more blessed than those who see and believe. Does God recall that this is now the dark and unbelieving year of 2006? We don’t acknowledge anything unless we see it, sad to say.
I remember when I was young, I did not have to see it to belive it. It was not until my life became intangled with liars and cheats, that I learned to not ever belive anything that I did not see with my own two eyes, now how to I overcome that?


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