Witness this blogger eating crow!

Yesterday, I wrote that I did not feel my vote truly counted, I am here to admit that besides being incorrect ( I am happy to admit this) I was also terribly impatient.  That I was afforded the right to vote, is in itself a miracle and I should have waited to see how it turned out before I jumped ship with my comments. Someone I wrote to told me I had my head in the sand, if I wanted to see change I needed to become involved and help make change. I did not think that in todays America that was a real possiblity. ( Head has been pulled out, shaking sand out of ears now)
I WAS WRONG! I had to call my mother first, to tell her she was , as always, right. I am now telling you, you were right!

Maybe it is my Russian side, to be so maudlin about these so important things, or maybe its that I am mother of more kids than I can count, and I have lost every braincell I have save one, who knows.
I was wrong, the Democratic process can only be  successful ( no matter who wins) if people engage in it.

Today, I got to see for the first time in my life, not counting 9/11 people actually doing what they said they would do, vote for change.

Thank you America, no matter how you voted; for voting and keeping this country what it was intended to be, a free country.

I love my country, right or wrong. And I am now happy to say, I am a believer in the voting process.

And one little side comment, I felt kind of bad today, watching Rumsfeld giving up his job. I am no supporter of his views and actions, but I felt that the President letting  him go, one day after elections seemed so two faced. Last week President Bush was saying he would never let him go, he was doing a great job, and today he is gone. Kind of reminds me of old Brownie’s experiences…….. just a thought.


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