American excercises it right to vote, but does it count?

We have voted in this house today, and made our voices heard, well as much as the ballot would allow us.

In my county, there was only so many choices and almost none for what i wanted, so as I ask all the time; does my vote count? Does it do any good at all?
Does you vote count? Sure if you are all about the majority view,  what ever that view is at the moment. I think our country is moving so fast, our views changing so quickly from one thing to another that much is left to chance.

So, America; I have been told that it is my duty to vote, and it was done. But what did it do for me?

We will see tonight when the polls close one by one. Will I see that there are now people in Congress who support issues that are important to me? I think not.

Maybe it did in 1776, and maybe even in the mid 1800’s, but now? I think my government became a business somewhere right at the end of the Civil War, and has rolled on since, and the little people like me do not count.

If I am wrong, please prove it to me. Show me where my views count, on my ballots there were some places that did not even have a Demorat running, so my only choices were to vote Repulican!

Maybe I was confused but here is my ballot from my county, and you see on it that there are no other choices for say, county attorney, except a republican! And  there are more  I can point to, but you can read for yourself, and then tell me how if you are a democrat that this vote would have counted for you!


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