California Elementary School to begin fingerprinting students

From an article on Yahoo news tonight, an article that absolutely scares the you know what out of me…..

Hope Elementary School District in California has informed the parents that they plan to commence finger printing the children in the district beginning this month. This is , as the Superintendent stated in the report, a means of faster and less archaic means of data entry for them each day.

exact quote from article below ~
“It’s so archaic to transfer something from a sheet of paper to a computer day by day,” Hope schools Superintendent Gerrie Fausett told the Santa Barbara News-Press.” 

The finger printing is for the students lunch no less. How much work is it to enter in some names, or hey, here is an idea…. make a badge for the kids!

As one parent points out, strangely Orwellian in nature,  my question is, how many parents are actually going to let this occur? If I were one of those parents, I would have alot to say about this. This gets a person into the system at an earlier age, something that is not conducive to a free society. Here we have how many illegal aliens that we can not force to get legal identification, yet we are “making” five, six and seven year old children do this?

You can read the entire Yahoo article here. Something has go to be done about this, how much more intrustion will we allow by state and federal goverments, while watching them hand those same freedoms out like Halloween candy to illegal aliens?

Hope every one  gets out and VOTES, so these kind of wasteful, stupid ideas get stopped now.


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