Did you get a visit from the Falcon this last week?

When we were kids, we looked forward to visits from the Easter Bunny, Santa Claus, and even the Great Pumpkin ( well, I did anyway). Today, we parents get to get an other worldly visitor as well, the Falcon. You maybe asking , “who is the Falcon? Does he bring presents?” Oh yes children, he brings presents, the kind of present that is on paper, and all wrapped up with commando cops. And like Santa, he has speed and can cover the entire nation seemingly at the same time!
So, did you  get a visit from the Great Falcon?
I find these numbers amazing, for instance at my area paper online, Kentucky.com which gives the following:

“More than 10,700 fugitives” were netted by United States Marshal’s. Some of the posted arrest info such as the man in Tennessee who was a wanted unregistered sex offender, was found in Rickman, Tennessee. He had been convicted of the 1996 sexual assualt on an 8 year old child. At the time of his visit from the Great Falcon, he was baby sitting “several children, all of whom were under 11 years old”.( Citation info: CNN.Com , see article here)So in that case, and probably many of the others, the visit was all good.

But there was tragedy in this visit as well, one person was shot to death when he came out of his home in Georgia during the raid , and a mother in Florida who shot at and missed officers who were coming to get her child.( Reported by Kentucky.com article online, read here).

Of the reported totals arrested , the crimes included the following:1,659 sex offenders, 364 gang members. I am sure more numbers will be released soon, will be interesting to see how this, the third raid for this organization, will stack up.
And what, you may ask does the acronym FALCON standfor? It was reported in an article online from WTVM  channel 9 out of Columbus Georgia, that it stands for  “Federal and Local Cops Organized Nationally”.

So, dear children, if you don’t want to have a visit from the Great Falcon to your home, be GOOD!


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