Walking away more than pounds.

Today I went for a really great walk with  my oldest daughter, we had a blast! And even better, I was able to walk a bit faster than she thought I would ( I think she was proud of me 🙂 While on the walk, I of course, took photos. The colors that I had thought would be gone after the cold and rain a few days ago, were still to be seen. Some colors were just spectacular , reds that stood out against oranges and browns. There were quite a few baby cows to be seen in the fields as well.

It came to me while on the way back, that this place was really very pretty. Country life is good, if one has the means to live here. I thought about how it was probably the same as it was say 100 years or more ago. Yes, more houses, more people, but still the same ground, same hills, and the same weather. Sometimes, I wish I had been born back then, I know there were more diseases, more deaths from things we now are protected from, but I really think that there was more love, more friendliness in the towns. I am sorry that today when my kids and I take a walk, we have to think carefully about what to do if a stranger were to come and bother us while we are out on that road. I think alot while I am walking, since talking is not so easy while you are huffing and puffing, 🙂

The end result of todays walk,? I will take one everyday, and I wont let the fear of the ‘what-ifs’ get to me. I just have to live and be happy. And I will make sure to take one of my kids, so we can laugh like we did today, it was pure tonic for my soul and I am so grateful to have had this time, these memories that can not be taken from me.

So, I walk for more than the weight loss value, I walk for my life, the life I would not trade for anything.

cheers  ~ 🙂 ~


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