Firefox update

Okay, so far not so bad, has one HUGE thing I love, spell check!!! In any platform you write in ( like in here) it spell checks as you type, awesome. One bad thing I have noticed is, I can’t find my email icon, its no where. It is not even an option when you go into where you can choose the icons you want to add to the tool bar.

If anyone knows how to find this MIA icon, please tell me, I am lost without my instant access to my email, as a matter of fact, I don’t even remember how to find on my pc anymore ( no, only kidding, but it makes more work for me to go hunting the darn thing down, since I run Blackbox on my computer….. oh well 🙂

If you want to update your Firefox, even with the email issue, I would suggest it, as usual when ever IE comes out with an update, its horrid, and Firefox always has something great in it.


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