good days bad days

Today my son who serves on the USS Kitty Hawk in Japan leaves for a new tour out at sea. I am so proud of him, I always have been, but I must admit that I miss him allot. He is doing something most of us only dream about, serving our country, learning new things, seeing new lands and meeting new people. He really misses his girlfriend, who I might add is a doll. How many potential mother in laws can say that about their son or daughter in law to be? She is something, and very talented as well. She is in her first year at college, and is extremely bright. I think the world of her, and hope she knows that.

So that explains the bad days portion of my header, on to the good days part. I love when the skies are gray and full of clouds, winter type clouds. I feel more at peace then, not that I don’t like the blue skies, but in the spring and summer, that is all you see.In the fall and winter, the skies here are more expressive, more attractive in coloration. So to be sitting here at my desk, with these lovely skies of gray out my window, makes me happy. Right now, I am sitting here ( writing to you of course) and listening to my music. I have an extensive play list of music that I feel is pretty cool , unless you are talking to my son in japan, or my daughters. My girls think I am missing out not listening to the Killers and the like. My son feels I might have been abducted by aliens, and replaced with this model of me, as I was a firm rocker up until a couple of years ago.

I am not dead yet, just a bit harder of hearing maybe . One of the saddest days in my life was the first time I said to my kids, “turn that noise down!” I recall thinking as it came out of my mouth, “who is that speaking? cant be me, can it?” By the way, its true, you DO turn into your parents, no matter how hard you try, but its okay, you get to understand them more and more the older you get.

Well, back to my musical choices these days, right now Harold Budd is on my winamp. This man has such a streak of talent, his music is uncanny. I am listening to a song called Color, if you like piano and ethereal sounds, give this man a try. I suggest you pick up the album this song is on, Agua. Its haunting, yet fulfilling if one is a artistic person, or just in need of a muse pick me up.

I was glad to see how people have been coming to my post about Led Zeppelin, its really neat, though I wish someone would post a comment, so we can see how folks think. My daughter now asks which Nickelback CD would be the most integral to your survival on the island? I don’t think we should beat this dead horse anymore, but who knows, maybe this is a question closer to peoples hearts, maybe posting about Zeppelin just showed my age and drove the young crowd away????


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