how i beat the blues…

I am sitting here this morn trying to blow my brain up with blog information, how to become a successful blogger, writer, the whole shebang. On my stereo, which is hooked up to my computer thanks to my husband; is playing my most common play-list… Kevin Kendal, Kitaro, Ian Cameron Smith. Mellow, soul soothing strains. I tend to play what my mood needs to hear, not what my mood reflects. So if i am in a really bad moon, I might want to hear Metallicas’ Black Album ( which has its merits for a drug free mood stabilizer) but I will force my mood to accept the new age music as a way to stop the beast in its tracks. Today was no exception, I was not in a bad mood per say, but it was gearing up to be a bad day. I could feel it in my bones. I turned off the Winamp, and opened my Napster and hit the best thing for my soul, Jazz. Nothing makes me feel all is possible more than listening to

The album that I heard about a month ago and that got me into smooth jazz as a alternative to New Age music was one of hers called Life Less Ordinary. One song was all it took, I was totally hooked on her style. We are not talking Kenny G here, not to say he was/ is bad, he is wonderful too. But Mindi is as different from Kenny G, as night is to day. There is some kind of

There are other Jazz artists that I am coming to absolutly adore and I will write about them as I come across those that move me most. But to Mindi, thanks for helping me to keep my moods where they belong, and happy memories close to my heart and not forgotten.

I encourage you to give her a listen, if you don’t already know who she is. I plan on making Mindi Abair one of my mainstays in my music library.


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