a not so new rant…. Santa Clara Child Support

Hmmm, where to begin? I have an open case with this county, since late 90’s. When this county was collecting their money and did NOT have to give it to my child and I, I got a letter each and every month, a green paper proudly announcing to me that the county of Santa Clara was getting 300.00 a month. When my case finally became something I was able to obtain, well that is when things changed. Gone were the pretty little green announcement of payment, instead I was launced into no mans land. My case, you see is, is “bi-state” , between my home state and California.

Last year, after numerous times of my case being off and on, and my ex not paying and paying at will, the county jumped the gun, thinking that since my youngest was almost 18, that they could stop payments. During  the month of May 05 to August 05, they showed payments of almost 2000.00 being taken off my account, yet not paid to me.

We went round and round, the county and I. I tried to go through my worker here in my state, but CA continually ignored her as well. The county has flatly refused to speak with me, continously telling me I had to go through my worker here. See the problem? So, after much yelling, I finally got a letter, a payment statement of sorts, that show all payments made between year **** and now. This is kind of sad, this statement showes when they did in fact get some payments, but never made them to me. It matches the amount that the county took from me.

So, now I sit here g etting the ‘so, you want to mess with us do ya?” treatment, and my payments are down to a mere 30.00 a month, from 700.00!  I went 9 months this last time, with not one payment!

I will be putting all my data up here, in hopes that it will help me to clear this very ugly feeling of sueing the county for mismanagement, and anything else I can dream of, from my soul.

My warning to you all? If you have to deal with the county of santa clara, CA…. be prepared and forewarned. And if you have a case for any reason with them, and its going well; great. I am happy that you are not going through what I and others like me are going through.

From now on, when I can, I will post my most current issue in detail here. I hope that they see this, and then maybe some one from their office will think to speak with me about the whereabouts of my missing money.



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