The world is about to change …. again

This am, instead doing what I ALWAYS do * watching the news on CNN*, I watched Angel, one of my two favorite shows from the late 90s. I watched both episodes, since its getting really interesting. After they ended, I was going through the channels, and hit CNN only to see that North Korea had gone and set off an underground bomb of some sort. My two boys just went up a level in being closer to active service in a war. I can’t for the life of me imagine what this man is thinking emotionally, however; on a more detached way I can. In my very limited opinion, is doing what he can to get his little weapons grade nuke materials ready for sale to the highest bidder, which I think will be some Al- Queda group. I hope that our government understands that unless we are prepared to do what we did in Iraq, we will suffer big time. It is time for us to be the leaders in world saftey we say we are, and stop this before it gets out of hand, and the entire world pays the price.


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