Letter from my son

This afternoon, I got a letter from my oldest boy who is stationed at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. He is set to graduate and then goes on to Fort Lee in Virginia. He will be there by the 14th and after he settles in, we will be able to talk, hopefully that time passes until then as fast as can be. I miss him, and my other boy who is stationed with the US Navy in Japan. I pray that things dont get worse with Korea, as my son in Japan is way too close for my liking. But he is well trained, and I know he is ok.

I would love to post thier pics, but I got to thinking how the enemy also uses the pc, and with one son possibly going to Iraq, I dont want to give those idiots anything to use.

I lived in Iran for a time, and can tell you I have a real love/hate thing going on with the Arabic peoples. I am angry, and at the same time saddened. I recall sitting on the roof of our house in Iran, at sunset, and hearing the call to prayer. It was an awesome time for me, like I had stepped back into the days of Genies and such.

I wish the whole darn world would get a clue, but that is wishful, childish thinking.

I want every mom whose son or daughter is in the armed forces to know that we appreciate the gift they have given us, my two boys are my gift to the USA. It was their choice to do what they are doing, and I had no hand in their choice, but I did give birth to them, and that is my gift; two sons who are no longer boys but men. I am so proud of them both.


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