too much death pointed at our children

I just want to add my two cents to this horrid display of animalistic behavior we have been seeing this last week or so. Why, why, why, are people doing this? What did the man today have in his mind, to go in an attack little children? Why can’t we protect our kids anymore? Why do we have to have armed guards at our schools?

I heard on CNN from a witness that the area that this school is in, has NO POLICE, none!!!! IF these folks, who have had such a great run at not suffering the crime the rest of us have had to live with, are no longer safe, where do we think this explosion of animalistic behavior is going to go next? Our Schools need to be safe, and now it seems the only way to make sure our children are safe, is either to send them to locked down facilities for schools, or home school them.

If we are to believe that we are making a difference in Iraq, then show us this same thing here at home Mr. President. I support the troops, my two oldest boys are in the Navy and Army. What ever they do, I support, period. But I dont support the idea that the Iraqi people are more important then the American Children.

I know, I will probably hear from many who will lots to say to me about my views, and you know what, this is a blog, so I expect and want to hear from everyone, so have at it. Somehow, we have to come up with a plan to protect our kids from killers, and predators who hide behind as one movie puts it, “seats of unscrupulous power” * the movie is Dogma, and I know I maimed the line horribly* there has to be a stop to this unending rampage against innocent children, never in my life have I seen such terror, such wanton behavior in our country.

There needs to be some change in what is happening in our country, and fast. My heart goes out to the families of those poor children whose last thoughts were of some maniac terrorizing them, I hope that they are at peace now, and I hope someone is there to support the families of the slain children.


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  1. Land of Home Improvement
    Aug 17, 2007 @ 07:31:46

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