today in my neck of the woods

It is rainy here in Kentucky. It has been rainy on and off ( more on than off) for a while now. Normally, we would be glad of this, but I have to wonder if this means a long, cold, and white winter. Now, don’t get me wrong, i LOVE snow, alot. But when one lives on the top of a mountain, even a small one like mine, getting up and down in the snow is just about impossible. But it is nice to take pictures of  the snow in the trees and fields, so I will be happy if its a snowy winter.

I am going to send this blog to my son Stephen who is the Navy and stationed in Japan. I hope he will add his two cents to this once in a while. Maybe he can give us the details of what it is like to be in the Navy serving on board one of the best ships our Navy has, the USS Kitty Hawk. We’ll see.

Until next we meet, have a great night all.


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